Xinteck Industrial Co., Ltd.

Xinteck focusing on AOI defect detection technology, we have accumulated 15 years of experience, carefully understand and meet customer needs. With the automatic optical AOI detection system of Xinteck, a complete and reliable defect detection record is obtained through high resolution CCD lens. Ensure production quality, create more product advantages and opportunities for customers.

Xinteck customized automatic visual inspection equipment to provide customers μm-level visual detection ability and accurate and fast detection efficiency. Greatly reduce production errors, reduce manufacturing costs, quality control to improve product yield and reduce complaints for customers' products. Effectively reduce the trouble of engineering and production line.

What Xinteck team provides

Stable and accurate hardware architecture
Customized signal measurement and analysis integration system
High-resolution CCD image quality, accuracy and reliability
Defect detection real-time warning function
Remote connection adjustment & debugging function