Electronic industry


  • • The electronics industry such as ITO glass, liquid crystal glass, ceramic substra-
  •   -tes, copper foil substrates (CCL), etc. are mostly high-value products, and the
  •   increase in production yield rate and production capacity can bring obvious e-
  •   -conomic benefits to the industry. Real-time monitoring and data and informa-
  •   -tion feedback are more important indicators
  • • When the electronics industry needs to overcome problems such as producti-
  •   -on yield rate, labor cost, etc., using Xinteck' AOI defect detection system can
  •   betect small defects that cannot be detected by humans, increase the detecti-
  •   -on speed improve online quality inspection, save labor costs, ans improve de-
  •   -fect detection rate


Bright Spot
Black Spots
Oil Stains

Detection image