PAGEEYES Off-line Inspection System


  • Installed in a general continuous production line, and conduct real-time detection of objects and materials in continuous production.
  • Equipped with Canada's MIL core digital imaging technology software、high-speed computing industrial computer, which can connect multiple cameras at the same time.
  • Defect detection data is recorded in detail, and the system can respond to the notification at the first time.
  • Detection data are stored in SQL SERVER, and the database can be queried during production.
  • The remote database query can be carried out by multiple users in local area network at the same time through browser.
  • The detection threshold can be adjusted automatically according to the change of material gray scale.
  • When the defect is detected, the labeling machine or other output device will be started immediately.
  • The host can be set to monitor in the central control room, with a distance of up to 100M.
  • Remote connection diagnosis function.

Detection Range

  • Detection width: 100mm-8000mm.
  • Detection speed: 15~20 seconds (not including loading and unloading).
  • Detection accuracy: minimum 5um/pixel.
  • Light source configuration: transmissive, reflective, hybrid light source.
  • Detection items: according to industry needs.
  • Site environment: clean room level or general industrial environment.


System Screen